Saint Augustine's House

Lutheran Monastery and Retreat House

Saint Augustine's House

Lutheran Monastery and Retreat House

Saint Augustine’s House

Lutheran Monastery and Retreat House
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Who we are…

The Congregation of the Servants of Christ-St. Augustine’s House-is an ecumenical Christian community whose life of discipleship is inspired and shaped by the Holy Rule of St. Benedict. We identify with the Lutheran tradition, understood as a movement within and for the one holy catholic and apostolic Church of Jesus Christ.
We are committed to the growth of the permanent resident community, to the pursuit of ecumenical understanding, and to the provision of retreats for members of the Fellowship of St. Augustine and others. We seek to serve the whole Church by our life of prayer and by the use of our facilities.

Daily News

Vespers on Saturday

Sunday at First Vespers (Saturday night) – O Trinity of blessed light, O Unity of princely might, The fiery sun now goes his way; Shed thou within our hearts thy ray. To thee our morning song of praise, to thee our evening prayer we raise; O grant us with thy saints on high To...

Vespers on Friday

Friday at Vespers – Maker of men from heav’n thy throne, Who ord’rest all things God alone; By whose decree the teeming earth To reptile and to beast gave birth: The mighty forms that fill the land, Instinct with life at thy command, Are giv’n subdued to human kind For service in their rank...

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Where are we?

St. Augustine’s House is located on the north side of Drahner Road, 2½ miles east of M 24 (between Barr and Hosner Roads).