Terce on Monday

Monday at Terce – Now Holy Spirit, ever One with God the Father and the Son, Pour forth into our hearts, we pray, the fullness of your grace today. ~Office Hymn, st. 1

Lauds on Sunday

Sunday at Lauds – Shed through our hearts, O Lord, thy ray, Our souls’ dull slumber drive away; Thy Name be first on every tongue, To thee our earliest praises sung. ~Office Hymn, st. 4

Lauds on Tuesday

Tuesday at Lauds – Do thou, O Christ, our slumbers wake; Do thou the chains of darkness break; Purge thou our former sins away, And in our souls new light display. ~Office Hymn, st. 4

Lauds on Saturday

Saturday at Lauds – So that last morning dread and great Which we with trembling hope await, With blessed light for us shall glow Who chant the song we sang below: All praise to God the Father be; All thanks, eternal Son, to thee, Whom with the Spirit we adore Forever and forevermore. Amen....

Lauds on Friday

Friday at Lauds – Within our senses ever dwell, And worldly darkness thence expel; Long as the days of life endure, Preserve our souls devout and pure. ~Office Hymn, st. 3 ~Image: St. Augustine’s House cemetery

Lauds on Thursday

Thursday at Lauds – O keep us, as the hours proceed, From lying word and evil deed; Our roving eyes from sin set free, Our body from impurity. ~Office Hymn, st. 3

Lauds on Wednesday

Wednesday at Lauds – Thee, Christ, alone we know; to thee We bend in pure simplicity; Our songs with tears to thee arise; Prove thou our hearts with thy clear eyes. ~Office Hymn, st. 3

Lauds on Tuesday

Tuesday at Lauds – With earnest cry, with tearful care, Call we the Lord to hear our prayer; While supplication, pure and deep, Forbids each chastened heart to sleep. ~Office Hymn, st. 3

Lauds on Monday

Monday at Lauds – With prayer the Father we implore; O Father, glorious evermore, We plead with thee for grace and power To conquer in temptation’s hour. ~Office Hymn, st. 3

Sunday at Lauds

Lauds on Sunday – Maker of all, eternal King, Who day and night about dost bring: Who weary mortals to relieve Dost in their turn the seasons give. ~Office Hymn, st. 1