Terce Let mouth and tongue, mind, sense, and strength God’s mighty actions tell at length; let love in flames of living fire the hearts of all the world inspire. ~Office hymn, st. 2

Lauds on Saturday

Saturday at Lauds – Each phantom of the night depart, Each thought of guilt forsake the heart; Let every ill that darkness brought Beneath its shade now come to nought. ~Office hymn, st. 2

Lauds on Wednesday

Wednesday at Lauds – Earth’s gloom flees broken and dispersed, By the sun’s piercing shafts coerced: The day-star’s eyes rain influence bright, And colors glimmer back to sight. ~Office Hymn, st. 2

Lauds on Tuesday

Tuesday at Lauds – Come, leave thy bed, to each he cries Who yet in idle slumber lies: Now chaste and just and sober stand And watch; my coming is at hand. ~Office Hymn, st 2

Lauds on Sunday

Sunday at Lauds – Shed through our hearts, O Lord, thy ray, Our souls’ dull slumber drive away: Thy Name be first on every tongue, To thee our earliest praises sung. ~Office Hymn, st. 4

Vespers on Tuesday

Tuesday at Vespers – Earth’s mighty Maker, whose command Raised from the sea the solid land And drove each billowy heap away And bade the earth stand firm for aye, That so the soil might herbage yield And blossoms fair to deck the field, And golden fruit and harvest bear, And pleasant food for...

Vespers on Monday

Monday at Vespers – O great Creator of the sky, Who wouldest not the floods on high With earthly waters to confound, But made the firmament their bound: The floods above thou didst ordain, The floods below thou didst restrain, That moisture might attemper heat Lest the parched earth should ruin meet. Upon our...

Vespers on Saturday

Sunday at First Vespers (Saturday night) – O Trinity of blessed light, O Unity of princely might, The fiery sun now goes his way; Shed thou within our hearts thy ray. To thee our morning song of praise, to thee our evening prayer we raise; O grant us with thy saints on high To...

Vespers on Friday

Friday at Vespers – Maker of men from heav’n thy throne, Who ord’rest all things God alone; By whose decree the teeming earth To reptile and to beast gave birth: The mighty forms that fill the land, Instinct with life at thy command, Are giv’n subdued to human kind For service in their rank...

Vespers on Thursday

Thursday at Vespers – Almighty God, whose will supreme Made ocean’s flood with life to teem, Part in the firmament to fly And part in ocean depths to lie; Appointing fishes in the sea And fowls in open air to be, That each, by origin the same, Its sep’rate dwelling-place might claim: Grant that...