Vespers in Paschal Time after the Ascension

Vespers in Paschal Time after the Ascension Creator Spirit, heav’nly dove, Descend upon us from above; With graces manifold restore Your creatures as they were before. To you, the Comforter, we cry; To you, the gift of God most high, True fount of life, the fire of love, The soul’s anointing from above. In...

The Seventh Sunday of Easter

Easter 7 Graciously hear our supplications, O Lord, so that we, who believe that the Savior of the human race is with you in your glory, may experience, as he promised, until the end of the world, his abiding presence among us. Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy...

None in Paschal Time

Weekday None in Eastertide, after The Ascension If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things that are above not on things that are on earth. ~Colossians 3:1-2

Sext in Paschal Time

Paschal Time at Sext before the Ascension – Short Lesson In fact Christ has been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep. For as by a man came death, by a man has come also the resurrection of the dead. ~1 Corinthians 15:20-22

Lauds in Paschal Time

Tuesday in Eastertide at Lauds, before the Ascension – Short Lesson God raised Jesus from the dead; and for many days he appeared to those who came up with him from Galilee to Jerusalem, who are now his witnesses to the people. And we bring you the good news that what God promised to...

None in Paschal Time

Paschal Time at None – Weekdays until the Ascension – Short Lesson Cleanse out the old leaven that you may be a new lump, as you really are unleavened. For Christ, our paschal lamb, has been sacrificed. Let us, therefore, celebrate the festival, not with the old leaven, the leaven of malice and evil,...

Terce in Paschal Time

Paschal Time at Terce – Short Lesson – Weekdays until the Ascension Faith will be reckoned to us who believe in him that raised from the dead Jesus our Lord, who was put to death for our trespasses and raised for our justification. ~Romans 4:24-25

Paschal Time, Day 33

Eastertide, the 33rd Day This joyful Eastertide, Away with sin and sorrow! My love, the Crucified, Has sprung to life this morrow. Had Christ, who once was slain, Not burst his three-day prison, Our faith had been in vain, But now has Christ arisen, arisen, arisen, But now has Christ arisen! ~Hymn: LBW 149

Paschal Time

Lauds in Paschal Time R. The Lord is risen from the tomb, alleluia, alleluia. R. The Lord is risen from the tomb, alleluia, alleluia. V. For our sake he hung upon the cross. R. Alleluia, alleluia. V. Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. R. The Lord is...

Paschal Time

May 20 – 30th Day of Easter He brings me to the portal That leads to bliss untold, Whereon this rhyme immortal Is found in script of gold: “Who there my cross has shared Finds here a crown prepared; Who there with me has died Shall here be glorified.” ~Stanza 6 – Awake, my...