Organ Thursday

Organ Thursday – Although the organ is not quite complete, visually it is finished. We’re taking various photographs of it to find a good one for general use and ultimately to find a formal portrait. Here is another.

Monday Housekeeping – Wigton Organ

Wigton Pipe Organ – The Wigton organ, newly installed in the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Augustine’s House, is visually complete. The pipe shades are finished and the star for the Zimbelstern is installed. Fr. Jude crafted the pipe shades in the wood shop at St. Augustine’s House. One...

63rd Fellowship Day

Last weekend was the 63rd Fellowship Day. We now have photos and some will be posted in the coming days. Morning mass included the blessing of the new Wigton organ. Here is Bishop Donald P. Kreiss beginning the mass from the back of the room after the official dedication of the organ. The Prior,...

Wigton Organ

The Wigton organ draws closer to completion every week. The Swell shades are now up so the only visual things remaining to be installed are the pipe shades for the Great, and the star for the Zimbelstern. One stop will not be delivered until the new year after which more recitals and hymn festivals...

Organ Thursday

Organ Thursday – News of our Wigton Pipe Organ In the Great and Pedal cases the facade pipes do not fill all the space. The remaining area will be covered by “pipe shades”. Here is a picture of some of them as they wait to be completed and installed. Meanwhile, as we await delivery...

Organ Thursday

Organ Thursday – Nerdy details on the new Wigton pipe organ In each of the three organ divisions (Pedal on the left, Great on top on the right, Swell below), the casework and pipe display is divided into three sections. This reflects the layout of the windchests. For those who are interested, here’s more...

Wigton Pipe Organ Today

Midday Today – The new Wigton organ is taking on pipes! The large case on the left is the pedal where part of the 16′ Bourdon is visible as well as part of the 8′ Principal. More pipes are being added to the Great, the highest section on the right.

Wigton Pipe Organ

The New Organ The framework for the pedal case went up today; the final shape of the instrument is more clear. David Wigton stands in the pedal as Fr. Shaun LaDuc climbs in the rafters.

Wigton Pipe Organ

The Wigton Pipe Organ has begun to arrive at the Church of the Visitation, Saint Augustine’s House. The case that includes the Great and Swell is seen here and the pedal case is yet to be put up on the left. It will make the organ appear more balanced than in this picture. David...

Paschal Time

Easter lilies shout Paschal joy and the organ joins in! This weekend our long-serving pipe organ will sound its final notes at St. Augustine’s House. It will be heard at 10 a.m. Sunday morning mass, 6 p.m. Sunday Second Vespers, and 8.30 a.m. Monday mass, then dismantling will begin.