Vigils on Friday

Friday at Vigils O God, you know my foolishness, and my faults are not hidden from you. ~Psalm 69: 6

Vigils on Thursday

Thursday at Vigils – Happy are they who consider the poor and needy! The LORD will deliver them in the time of trouble. ~Psalm 41: 1

Saint Thomas Aquinas

January 28 – St. Thomas Aquinas – Roccasecca, 1225 – Fossanova, 7 March 1274. Also Thomas of Aquin or Aquino. An Italian Dominican priest of the Catholic Church, and an immensely influential philosopher and theologian in the tradition of scholasticism, known as Doctor Angelicus, Doctor Communis, or Doctor Universalis. “Aquinas” is not a surname...

Vigils on Monday

Monday at Vigils Happy are they who have not walked in the counsel of the wicked, nor lingered in the way of sinners, nor sat in the seats of the scornful! ~Psalm 1: 1

Saint Augustine’s House Recent Video

Saint Augustine’s House Video – We are working to post the video in an easy-to-find place on the web page. Meanwhile, here it is again. We ask you to share it with anyone who might be pleased to know of us. Remember that we have our own YouTube page where it is immediately available...

Third Sunday of the Year

Third of the Year – LBW 3 Epiphany – Grant, we pray, almighty God, that, receiving the grace by which you bring us to new life, we may always glory in your gift. Through Christ our Lord. ~Prayer after Communion, The Roman Missal, 3rd edition

The Conversion of Saint Paul

January 25 – The Conversion of St. Paul – Week of Prayer for Christian Unity ends. Paul’s entire life can be explained in terms of one experience—his meeting with Jesus on the road to Damascus. Now he himself was “entered,” possessed, all his energy harnessed to one goal—being a slave of Christ in the...

Lauds on Friday

Friday at Lauds – Within our senses ever dwell, And worldly darkness thence expel; Long as the days of life endure, Preserve our souls devout and pure. ~Office Hymn, st. 3 ~Image: St. Augustine’s House cemetery

Lauds on Thursday

Thursday at Lauds With my whole heart I cry; answer me, O Lord! With my whole heart I cry; answer me, O Lord! I will keep your statutes. Answer me, O Lord! Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. With my whole heart I cry; answer me, O...